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Service Contract
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Date Written:
Customer:Property Owner:
Service/Work to be Performed:Contact Person:
We will furnish, deliver and install the following for the net sum of
Job Total: $      (valid for 30 days)
1/3 Deposit: $          (Ck. #)   (CC)   (Cash)   Date Received
1/3 ($) due the day work begins , balance of $ due within 2 days of completion or all warranties will be void.
(Take Down Only#)   (Take Down and Haul)   (Haul Only)
Work to be started on/or about
(weather & job conditions permitting, starting date is a good faith estimate upon receipt of deposit)
Sketch of Job (not to scale)
Description of Materials:
Quote #:
Total for Job:
Averge Construction Time:
PA Home Improvement Contract License #/
Bishop's Fencing is not responsible for delays in shipment of materials from mfg. The above prices are based on footage written on the contract. Any changes in footage will be adjusted accordingly.
• Custom fence, or special orders ARE NOT RETURNABLE.
• Customer is responsible for township permits; we will supply insurance and anything else needed.
Customer is responsible for all private lines on property. This includes, but not limited to, invisible fences, cable lines, personal electric lines, drainage, etc. Bishop's will call 1-800-DIG to mark major utilities.
• Customer is responsible for installation location and if necessary, relocation. Bishops assume no responsibility for encroachment on property lines, easements, etc.
• Underground rock or foundation, or tree roots on the property which requires drilling, blasting, or any other unusual conditions involving EXTRA LABOR used in the erection of the fence; and additional charge will be made covering additional labor required for such work.
We will notify customer immediately during job of any additional costs.

For fence installs, there will be excess dirt that was excavated from holes that we will spread around the holes. If customer wants dirt removed from property, or moved to one location on the property, there will be an additional cost.

Where it is necessary to break into concrete walks, driveways, locate a post, customer grants permission to break into such and waves all claims for any cracks or damages that may occur.

This becomes a contract between customer and Bishop's Fencing when signed by both parties, and approved by Bishop's Fencing representative whose signature appeared below.

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